Creating your own subculture

24 Jul

Creating your own subcultureLast Friday a friend said that following his coming out as a bisexual he had to create his own subculture. I know what it means when the references readily available in mainstream culture fail to match your self-perception and start to provoke a sense of dysphoria. I had to go through the same process of gathering new references by finding fiction, music, theory, and social contexts that would not only tolerate who I was but also validate the new set of values I was taking on, provide me with a lens through which to view the world, and allow me to express tentative opinions freely. Acknowledging that I was queer did much more than determine what my future relationships would look like, it changed my perception of my environment andmy way of functioning in it. As I integrated a minority group and came into contact with new communities, I became more acutely aware of social injustices of all kinds, uncomfortable in situations where I was assumed to be hetero-normative or expected to take on conventional gender roles, and unwilling to go along with  what is generally defined as “the norm” when it denies my right to self-define or my friends’ identity.

My new-found subculture, then, is made of many things including bi/queer theory, the riot grrrl and queercore movements, anarchist discourse, education for critical thinking, freedom, and transgression, and the concept of self-determination for both individuals and political groups. What is really interesting is to see how all these elements intersect and what will emerge from them, which is the purpose of this blog.

Did you create your own subculture, and what is it made of?


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